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Even if you brush and floss thoroughly, it’s hard to keep the intricate surfaces of your molars as clean as they should be to prevent cavities. Hisham Merdad, BDS, DSCD, and Zuwena Abraham, DDS, at Easy Dental Care in Gainesville, Virginia, often recommend sealants for their dental patients of all ages, as anyone can benefit from an added layer of protection. As part of a routine cleaning, sealants can make a big difference. Learn more by calling or schedule an appointment online.


What are sealants?

Sealants are a thin layer of white filling material that the dentist applies to your molars. Dental sealants are like a durable shield for your teeth. They act as a protective layer against the bacteria that live in your mouth and cause cavities.

The uneven chewing surface of your molars makes it easy for bacteria to settle into and cause tooth decay. When you protect the hard-to-reach crevices in your teeth with a sealant, your teeth are much easier to keep clean and prevent cavities.

When should my child get sealants?

Children benefit greatly from dental sealants, especially because they’re not always the most thorough with their brushing and flossing techniques. Sealants are safe for children and prevent 80% of cavities for two years after receiving sealants a part of a routine dental program, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Once your child’s permanent molars come in — around age 6 for first molars and age 12 for second molars — Dr. Merdad may suggest sealants to protect them from the start.

If you’ve never had sealants on your molars, discuss the treatment with the team at Easy Dental Care to find out if they recommend the protection for your teeth as well.


How long do sealants last?

Studies have shown that sealants are still effective as many as nine years after you or your child have them applied. As long as you maintain good oral hygiene habits and have regular dental checkups so your dentist can make sure your sealants are secure, they should protect your teeth for a long time. If you do happen to lose a sealant, your dentist can easily replace it.


How are sealants different from fluoride treatments?

Both sealants and fluoride treatments protect your teeth and help prevent cavities and plaque buildup, but they work in different ways. Sealants keep food particles and bacteria out of the crevices and grooves of your back teeth. Fluoride treatments make the enamel on all of your teeth stronger so they are more resistant to the effects of plaque and tartar.

Find out if sealants can help you and your child prevent cavities from forming in your molars. Schedule an appointment online anytime, or call Easy Dental Care during business hours.