Our top priority is providing excellent dental care to our patients every time. To do so, we get the full picture of your oral health using digital imaging. Digital imaging allows us to capture images that we can use to analyze the state of your smile and create a unique treatment plan that will best help you. These images also enable our dentists and team to check for any developing dental issues that may cause damage to your teeth. We can then treat those issues and help prevent them from harming your smile. There are multiple types of digital imaging available at our office, including:

Digital imaging allows us to plan for many types of procedures, including root canal treatment, dental implants and other restorations. With high-quality images of your smile, we can provide the best possible care by fully and accurately evaluating your oral health and determining your needs. Digital imaging allows us to assess your needs, detect signs of disease or decay and see the progress of the treatment.

We are committed to your oral health, and we do everything we can to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. Please call Easy Dental Care today at 703-639-4921 to schedule an appointment with our dentists, Dr. Hisham Merdad or Dr. Zuwena Abraham, and learn more about digital imaging in Gainesville, Virginia.