Fluoride Treatment

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Professional fluoride treatments are an inexpensive way to protect your teeth against plaque buildup that leads to cavities. At Easy Dental Care in Gainesville, Virginia, Hisham Merdad, BDS, DSCD, and Zuwena Abraham, DDS, often recommend fluoride treatments for both children and adults. After a dental cleaning, fluoride treatments are an added layer of protection for your teeth between dental appointments. To learn more, book an appointment online or call the office.

Fluoride Treatment

Why does my child need professional fluoride treatments?

Fluoride is beneficial for your teeth at any age. It’s a natural mineral that helps to build strong teeth and prevent cavities. Kids especially benefit from fluoride treatments as part of their routine six-month dental cleanings, as young teeth are prone to cavities.

Children don’t always brush as well or as often as they should and tend to consume sugary foods like juices and candy. Professional fluoride treatments can protect the layer of enamel on your child’s teeth, keeping it strong and limiting the bacteria that can infect and harm the innermost layers.

What can I expect during a fluoride treatment?

After your hygienist cleans your teeth and your dentist examines your mouth, you may get a fluoride treatment in the form of a highly concentrated rinse, or a foam or gel. The foams and gels typically go into a dental tray that fits over your teeth for a few minutes to allow the fluoride to penetrate your enamel. Fluoride also comes in the form of a varnish that your hygienist “paints” onto the surface of your teeth, covering all the areas that are at high risk of plaque buildup.

You may not be able to eat or drink for a short period following a fluoride treatment to ensure absorption.

At what age should my child receive their first fluoride treatment?

Dr. Merdad recommends your child’s first fluoride treatment based on their individual needs, overall health, and any other factors that may put them at risk for cavities. The small amount of fluoride in a professional application is enough to protect teeth and safe enough for your child’s mouth. And, for the most part, there’s little risk of swallowing the fluoride because it hardens and adheres to the teeth, especially if your hygienist applies fluoride varnish.

The American Dental Association recommends using a tiny amount of fluoride toothpaste to brush your baby’s teeth as soon as the teeth appear. Once your child turns 3, increase the toothpaste to about a pea-sized amount on your child’s toothbrush. By this time, Dr. Merdad may also recommend the first professional fluoride treatment, but it’s different for every child.

To schedule a dental cleaning and fluoride treatment for you or your child, call Easy Dental Care or book online.