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At Easy Dental Care in Gainesville, Virginia, Hisham Merdad, BDS, DSCD, and Zuwena Abraham, DDS, offer complete tooth restoration services to repair damage from cavities or injuries. The highly skilled team can perform a variety of repairs to help your child retain their natural teeth, including tooth-colored fillings. The staff also offers nitrous oxide and other sedation options to ensure your child is comfortable throughout each procedure. Learn more about pediatric dental fillings by scheduling a consultation online or by phone.


What are fillings?

Fillings are a dental-safe composite material that can repair areas of tooth decay by filling cavities, or holes, in your child’s teeth. The goal of dental fillings is to preserve your child’s natural tooth and restore its appearance and functionality.

After Dr. Merdad removes the damaged area of the tooth, he uses a tooth-colored composite material, which bonds to the tooth and provides stability and support.

Why do you use white composite fillings?

In the past, silver or metal fillings were the most common method for replacing damaged areas of a tooth. However, Dr. Merdad prefers to use the white composite material for several reasons.

Composite fillings are more aesthetically pleasing, as Dr. Merdad offers a variety of shade options to closely match the natural color of your child’s teeth. This eliminates the visibility of fillings when your child smiles.

Another benefit of composite fillings is how Dr. Merdad applies it. With metal fillings, the material must be packed into the tooth using physical force. They also require a larger portion of the tooth to be removed.

With composite materials, Dr. Merdad uses a strong adhesive to bond to your child’s tooth, which doesn’t cause the trauma of metal fillings. Composite fillings also make teeth stronger, providing longer-lasting functionality.

Can my child receive sedation for filling appointments?

If your child has fears or special behavior needs that make dental appointments difficult, Dr. Merdad offers effective sedation options to help them through procedures.

Options for sedation include oral medications to reduce anxiety and nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. Dr. Merdad customizes dosages to your child’s needs based on their height, weight, and medical history.

Using these methods can ensure your child is comfortable, calm, and relaxed during dental procedures to prevent future fears of the dental office. Sedative methods can also make fillings and other dental treatments go quickly and more efficiently.

If your child has a cavity, don’t delay treatment. Call for an appointment today or use the online booking feature.