Here at Easy Dental Care, located in Gainesville, we are constantly looking for ways to make your dental care more comfortable. We know that dental injections are the major reason many people avoid visiting the dentist. Because of this, we are proud to be one of the few offices in the country offering the DentalVibe system. The DentalVibe is a new high-tech device that eliminates the pain of dental injections.
Wait, painless injections? Is that even possible??
Yes! The DentalVibe device works by soothingly vibrating the gums during dental injections. When we use the DentalVibe, our patients don’t even know that they are getting shots! The vibration signals that the DentalVibe sends travel to the brain faster than pain signals do. These vibration signals essentially block the pain sensations from ever being felt. The result is astonishing—pain free dental injections. When we use the DentalVibe, our patients are truly amazed at how comfortable they feel during injections. Patients comment daily how amazed and thankful they are for how comfortable they feel during their anesthesia.
To feel the difference we can make for a more comfortable dental visit, give us a call today at (703) 753 8600.

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