Bone & Soft Tissue Grafting

When your mouth lacks bone as well as teeth, bone grafting, or the addition of bone, is sometimes required before a dental implant can be placed.  This bone can be natural (coming from another part of your mouth) or synthetic (made up of “bone proteins” that act as a scaffold for your natural bone to regrow).  We place the bone graft into the area of your jaw that requires more bone tissue, and your body will accept the graft and replace it with your own natural bone, and eventually dissolve the bone grafting material.  Once this bone is mature, Dr. Ezze will place your dental implant.
What is Soft Tissue Grafting?
When you are missing a tooth, in addition to the loss of bone, there is commonly a loss of gum tissue in the area of the missing tooth.  As such, if you replace the tooth with a dental implant, the implant crown can appear “long” relative to the other teeth.  This is because the gums do not go as far up the implant crown relative to the other teeth.  This can sometimes cause significant cosmetic problems, especially in the front of the mouth.
If a dental implant cannot be placed due to the loss of gum tissue (or if placing an implant would result in a less than optimal appearance), we offer soft tissue grafting to improve the dental implant treatment.  Similar to bone grafting, gum tissue from another part of your mouth can be used to rebuild healthy and beautiful gums.

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