Dental Implants

Your teeth are held in the jawbone by long extensions called roots.  A tooth root is longer than the tooth’s crown (the “tooth” part of the tooth that is exposed to the inside of the mouth, e.g. the part of the tooth that you can visibly see above the gum line).   A dental implant is a titanium tooth root that takes the place of your natural tooth root.   Once your dentist confirms that your implant is strong enough to support a tooth/crown, the crown portion of the tooth is replaced, completely restoring your missing tooth.
When a patient suffers from the loss of a tooth, placing a dental implant replaces the missing tooth and restores the function and smile as strong and beautiful as nature’s original work.  In fact, dental implants are stronger and often last longer than natural teeth.  Ask our team at Easy Dental Care how this is possible!
Dental implants are a state-of-the-art treatment offered by only a small fraction of dentists.  Here at Easy Dental Care, we can complete your dental implants from start to finish, without ever having to leave Gainesville!
Can dental implants be used to replace several missing teeth?
Absolutely.  Dental implants can be used to support a single crown/tooth, a bridge replacing multiple missing teeth, a whole mouth of missing teeth, or even a denture.
How do dental implants work?
When your tooth is missing, the underlying bone that previously supported it often remains for a very long time.  When you get your treatment, Dr. Ezze will surgically implant a titanium tooth root into your jawbone, and your body’s bone tissue will fuse with the titanium to create a very solid base on which to attach a tooth crown.   Once this fusion process is complete, an expertly crafted tooth crown, which matches in color, shape, and size of your existing teeth, is placed on the implant structure.  You can then enjoy the function, beauty, and health benefits of a solid, natural, functional smile and much more.
How is a dental implant different from a natural tooth?
Your natural teeth are held in place by thin ligaments that attach them to your jawbone.  As such, your natural teeth can flex or move when force is applied (this is what makes it possible to straighten your teeth with braces).  The titanium your dental implant is made of is extremely strong and attaches to your bone directly.  Because of this direct attachment, your implant is held more strongly into your bone than even your natural teeth.
What are the advantages of dental implants?
Dental implants improve quality of life through enhanced:
Function—Implants are the closest prosthetic to natural teeth, offering a titanium root for a solid foundation.  Additionally, speech is easier and clearer with a full set of teeth.
Aesthetics—Implants complete a smile with beautiful restorations that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.  You can enjoy all of the confidence that comes from having a beautiful, natural smile.
Health—With strong and reliable dental implants, you can enjoy all of the foods required for a healthy, balanced diet.  Numerous studies show that people with fully functioning teeth live longer than those with teeth missing.
How are dental implants different from other treatments for missing teeth, like bridges or dentures?
While bridges and dentures are fantastic treatments for missing teeth, dental implants have numerous advantages over both treatments.  Dentures use a tray that sits on top of the gums and replaces missing teeth with plastic teeth.  With dentures, you have to adapt to speaking and eating with a tray that sits in your mouth all day.  Because your bone changes shape when your teeth are not replaced with implants, the dentures have to be adjusted often to maintain comfort and avoid excessive movement, which can be painful.  Dentures also have to be removed nightly and require constant maintenance, which can be inconvenient for many.  Dental implants are fixed in place and are one with your jawbone and are not removed.  The only maintenance that needs to be done with implants is your normal brushing, flossing, and your routine dental cleaning appointments.
A traditional, fixed bridge uses the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth/teeth to hold itself in place.  With a bridge, crowns are placed on these adjacent teeth.  Fused to these are more crowns that replace the teeth that are missing.  A bridge does not replace the roots of the missing teeth, it simply “bridges the gap” between the existing teeth.  The advantage of using dental implants instead of traditional bridges is that these “innocent bystander” teeth do not have to be crowned in order to support the bridge.  Or, even if the adjacent teeth need to be crowned for other reasons, the teeth aren’t all tied together in one piece like with a bridge.  If the teeth are all attached together in a bridge, and one tooth fails, then the entire bridge fails.  This often results in the entire bridge needing replacement or teeth needing extraction, which can become time consuming and very costly.  With dental implants, each tooth can function independently, thus reducing the extent, likelihood, and cost of additional treatment.
While dentures and bridges can be excellent treatments for missing teeth (and we do them very regularly), dental implants are superior for the treatment of missing teeth.
How do I know if I am a candidate for dental implants?
Dental implants are a safe and effective treatment for the vast majority of patients.  There are only a small number of situations that make dental implant placement more difficult.  Because dental implants require adequate healthy bone to be placed in, if this bone is missing or unhealthy, implants are not advisable until the bone health is improved.  Missing or unhealthy bone can be found in cases of tobacco use, untreated diabetes, advanced gum disease, or severe trauma to the jawbone.  Thankfully, these conditions are often manageable by completing treatments like bone grafting and soft tissue grafting.
At Easy Dental Care, we utilize the most up to date technology, including the use of 3D X-ray technology (CT Scanning) allowing us to plan the placement of your dental implant precisely so that it is indistinguishable from your natural teeth.  Using this technology, we can quickly identify whether you are a candidate for dental implant treatment.


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